How do I use Private Connection?

If you’re on a paid subscription to Kamo 4.0 (or above), open up the Kamo app and click on the last tile on the far right of the main menu screen to access the Private Connection feature. You can see a simple Off and On toggle switch, which allows you to activate and deactivate Private Connection. You can also see how your IP address location appears to others.

Once connected to Private Connection, you can click the Change button to change the location your computer will appear to be located in, though this may reduce the speed of your connection more than using the default, optimal location.

Private Connection is powered by VPN technology and doesn’t interfere with your online browsing. The feature works alongside Kamo’s other online privacy abilities to help you keep your online activities private without you having to change your browsing behavior. To ensure you enjoy maximum online privacy, we highly recommend using it.

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