I’m having a problem with Driver Updater. What are my options?

If you encounter an issue, don’t worry. We’re ready to help when you need us. If you have a specific problem with updating certain drivers, please contact our support team via the email address at the bottom of this page. 

We can also help you if you want to undo any changes that Driver Updater’s made to your PC. For more information, go down this page to How to undo the changes Driver Updater has made to your PC. 

How to get Driver Updater

To use Driver Updater, you need to run CCleaner v.5.82 or later. Please note that we've now withdrawn the Beta version of Driver Updater from CCleaner v5.81.

Updating drivers with Driver Updater

It's free to scan for driver updates with Driver Updater. To install driver updates, you must have a valid subscription to CCleaner Professional. You can also access Driver Updater by starting a trial of CCleaner Professional. The scanning function of Driver Updater can find drivers specific to the brand of PC you use and even find suitable alternative drivers for you if the same manufacturer no longer supports drivers for your hardware.

How to undo the changes Driver Updater has made to your PC

There are two ways you can do this on your PC. 

1. Revert drivers from CCleaner using Driver Updater 

When you update a driver, Driver Updater also creates a backup of the current version. If something goes wrong, reverting allows you to 'undo' the update and return things to how they were before.

  1. Open the Driver Updater tool, click the Fix a Problem button at the bottom of the window, then click Help me on the window that appears.


  1. Select the type of hardware that you're having trouble with. You can select multiple categories at the same time, as indicated in the screenshot. 


If you don't know which driver you should revert, select any relevant category (e.g., Audio if you're having sound issues). 


  1. Select the checkboxes next to the driver categories and or the drivers you want to revert.
  2. Click Revert Selected to begin the process of reverting the chosen drivers.

Note: Driver Updater only restores versions of drivers that it's installed before. You cannot restore versions of drivers originally installed by Microsoft (or other third-party software). Drivers like these don't have checkboxes next to them in the Driver Updater menu (so you can't select them). 

2. Return to a Windows restore point

Whenever you update a driver, Driver Updater creates a Windows System Restore point. This is like a snapshot of your system at a particular point in time. You can use a System Restore point to go back if reverting a driver doesn’t resolve the specific problems you experience after updating a driver.

Note: We always recommend that you try Driver Updater first before resorting to using System Restore points.

Driver Updater creates System Restore points automatically, but you need to go outside of the CCleaner program to activate one of these System Restore points on your PC. To do this on a Windows 10 PC, type ‘System Restore’ into the search box on the bottom left of your desktop screen to access the correct menu.

For more specific information about System Restore points, please use this dedicated page from Microsoft: 

Use System Restore

Does Driver Updater work if you have an invalid Windows license?

Driver Updater performs driver updates via a native Windows process. If your version of Windows isn't valid, you might not be able to update drivers.

What are Driver Updater's minimum system requirements? 

To use Driver Updater, you need to have a minimum of Windows 7's Service Pack 1. 

Note: CCleaner no longer supports Windows XP and Vista. For this reason, Driver Updater also doesn't work on these older versions of Windows.

If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact our support team directly: support@ccleaner.com.

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