What is Driver Updater?

This article explains the details of our new Driver Updater tool.

General questions

What is CCleaner Driver Updater?

Driver Updater is a new tool for CCleaner version 5.82 and above that scans your hardware for broken and outdated drivers and then updates them to reduce and prevent problems with your PC.

Why should you update your drivers?

Drivers are released by manufacturers to fix issues related to hardware and to ensure the best compatibility with the operating system on your PC. Without the latest drivers, your PC may encounter stability problems and stop working properly. An outdated driver can also create security vulnerabilities and enable hackers to infect or access your system and personal data.

What does CCleaner Driver Updater scan?

The Driver Updater tool scans the hardware devices that need drivers to work properly on your operating system. These devices can include printers, scanners, digital cameras, network and video adapters, and sound and graphics cards. If it finds any drivers that need updating, and you decide to update them, Driver Updater scans a database of 25 million drivers and automatically finds a suitable match for your PC based on the following criteria:

  • Your make and model of PC: Driver Updater looks for customized drivers that suit the brand of PC you use, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Acer. This is beneficial because your PC manufacturer may include specific features and bug fixes for your computer that could be absent from generic versions of the same driver.
  • Drivers your PC manufacturer no longer supports: Driver Updater will search for compatible drivers made by other PC makers if the manufacturer of your PC has stopped supporting driver updates for your particular computer model.

Is using CCleaner's Driver Updater safe for your PC and data?

During an update, the Driver Updater downloads driver installers from verified manufacturers. Additionally, before installing new drivers, the Driver Updater backs up all drivers and creates a Windows System Restore point. This enables you to restore previously installed drivers or use the Windows System Restore point to return to the previous state of your system in case there are any problems with the newly updated drivers.

Download and installation

Is CCleaner Driver Updater a free product?

The full version of Driver Updater comes as a part of your CCleaner Professional license, available from CCleaner version 5.82 onwards. You can scan your PC for drivers as a Free user, or access the full functionality (including driver updates) for a limited time via the CCleaner Pro free trial.

Can you use CCleaner's Driver Updater without installing CCleaner?

No. The tool is part of the CCleaner app for Windows and is not available as a standalone product.

Subscription and activation

How do you activate CCleaner Professional so you can use the full version of Driver Updater?

Please visit our article on registering CCleaner for assistance with this.

How do you check when your subscription expires or cancel your subscription?

Please go to our article on managing your CCleaner subscription for assistance with this.

Usage and settings

How do you use CCleaner Driver Updater?

Open CCleaner and click the Driver Updater button on the left side of the window. From there, the Driver Updater wizard will walk you through the process. 

How do you skip a driver that you do not want to update?

In the "Drivers to update" list, click the Learn more button for a driver you want to configure, then click the Skip button for the driver version you want to skip. Doing this prevents the Driver Updater from automatically selecting a specific version of a driver and then installing it. 

How do you update a previously skipped driver?

Drivers that get skipped are marked with a Skipped banner in the Drivers to update list, making identification easy. If you want to update a particular driver, click the Learn more button for this driver, then click the Update button for the most recent version of that driver.

Can you set CCleaner's Driver Updater to update your drivers automatically?

Driver Updater doesn’t operate like Smart Cleaning in that it can’t run as a background process. In short, it has no automatic scheduling function that allows it to operate independently without a user’s input.


What does 'unsuccessful update' mean?

If you see the message unsuccessful update, it means that something went wrong when CCleaner Driver Updater tried to update a particular driver. Click the Learn more button next to the driver to view its details, then click select Skip update to stop it from updating to a newer version. Then, try to update the driver again later.

Why did a window reporting "You may be a victim of software counterfeiting" appear?

Driver Updater uses functions built into Windows to apply the updates after determining what updates are needed and acquiring them. Windows may prevent driver updates from being installed if the operating system is not properly licensed, prompting a message like this. Commonly, Windows will show an "Activate Windows" notice in the bottom-right corner of the desktop in this state. We do not recommend using Driver Updater if the operating system is not properly registered.

How can you restore a previous driver version?

CCleaner's Driver Updater tool stores a backup of each driver before updating it to the latest version of a driver. To revert to a previous version of a driver for troubleshooting purposes, do the following:

  • Open the Driver Updater tool, click the Fix a problem link at the bottom of the window, and then click Go to drivers list
  • Click the Learn more button (for the relevant driver)
  • Click Revert next to the driver version you want to restore
  • The selected driver should revert to the version you want.

Note: Driver Updater only restores versions of drivers that it's successfully installed before. You cannot restore versions of drivers originally installed by your operating system or other third-party software.

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