Why have I been updated to a newer version of CCleaner?

Over the coming weeks, we are carrying out Important Updates to move you onto the latest version of CCleaner each time a newer version becomes available. This replaces the old method where you had to update CCleaner via our website.

We're updating you for these two reasons:

1. To ensure your PC gets the deepest and safest clean:

Since CCleaner was first released many years ago, our tech landscape has changed considerably. CCleaner is developed to clean to a safe maximum, but the files, folders, and browsers (built by Windows, Mozilla, Google, etc.) that are cleaned are always changing. CCleaner has to stay on top of what can and can’t be cleaned so it can give your PC the deepest - and safest - clean. Therefore, we decided it was best to make sure you are always running the latest and safest version of CCleaner available. 

2. To provide you with an improved update experience:

Having listened to your feedback, we learned that manually updating CCleaner via our website was a pain point for many of our users and prevented you from updating. For these reasons, we decided to give everyone the opportunity to move onto a CCleaner version that automatically updates in the background. Easier updates also mean that you can try new features right away!

Before these updates started, we delivered notifications in the CCleaner app to make you aware that the first Important Update (of this type) was going to happen. We also provided instructions on how you can adjust your update settings to opt-out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team atsupport@ccleaner.com.

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