Why am I being asked to renew CCleaner?

When you buy a CCleaner Professional or Professional plus license, it is valid for a time period of your choice (usually for one or two years). This time period is stated on the cart when you buy and in your purchase confirmation email (sent to you by our cart provider, Cleverbridge). 

Once your license expires, we ask you to renew it via email and notifications from the CCleaner app. When you renew your license, you get access to another term of updates and support and you can continue using your Professional features. If you choose not to renew your license, you can continue using CCleaner as a free version.

You may have noticed that we have recently introduced more messaging in the CCleaner app so you are clearer over the status of their license. If you’d like to check the status of your license and when it expired, you can open CCleaner and go to: Options > about > License Information. You can also renew your license on this screen.


If you are being asked to renew when you recently purchased a license...

CCleaner may not be able to detect that you have purchased a new license.

Please check the license key in your purchase confirmation email (sent to you by our cart provider, Cleverbridge) against the details entered in CCleaner by going to Options > about > License Information.

If CCleaner is displaying details of an old license, please update with the details in your purchase confirmation email. If your license now shows as active you will no longer be asked to renew it until closer to its expiry. If this does not solve the problem please contact us at support@ccleaner.com