Why do I receive error 0x80040c01 when running Health Check?

This error does not come from CCleaner itself, but instead comes from an update installer for a Google product that is available to be updated. Most commonly, this would be related to Google Backup & Sync or Google Chrome.

As we do not manufacture these products, we are not able to troubleshoot or diagnose the cause of this issue.

We have had some reports indicating that manually downloading the update from Google and installing it can allow the software to update properly and thus prevent this error from occurring when using Health Check.

At this time, Google does not currently offer documentation on possible causes for this error, though more assistance may be found on their community forum, located here.

Additionally, as Google Backup & Sync is the software associated with Google Drive, you may be able to receive assistance on this matter here or at the associated community forum located here

Please note that as this is not a CCleaner error, this error will not affect any functions of the CCleaner software (outside of updating the program producing this error), so you are welcome to continue using CCleaner without worry. 

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