Recuva options - Advanced tab

Context Menu:

This section includes two options:

  • Add 'Scan for deleted files' option to Explorer context menu
  • Add 'Scan for deleted files' option to Recycle Bin context menu

These options will add a 'Scan for deleted files' option to the right-click menus for folders in the Windows File Explorer and for the Recycle Bin respectively.

This item will have the Recuva icon associated with it for easy recognition. 

This will perform a standard scan with your saved settings (not a Deep Scan unless this option is pre-selected in the Recuva options), automatically filtered for the folder that you right-clicked on to initiate the scan.


To use an external INI file, select Save all settings to INI file. See this topic for more information about working with Recuva's INI file.

Within the Options screen, Advanced tab, the Context Menu and Advanced settings are listed above


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