Change privacy settings in CCleaner for Windows

Using privacy settings in CCleaner:

This page focuses on the Privacy Settings & Information screen, the various privacy options you have, and explains each of these options. 

Choose how CCleaner uses your data:

The options (shown in the screenshot below) help you control your personal privacy, send us data to improve our products or help you stay up to date with our products. The first two options are pre-selected by default, but you can make changes yourself at any time.




The Privacy Settings & Information screen has 3 main sections:

Two of these sections (as shown in the screenshot) called Improvements and Offers, have accompanying checkboxes you can select. We explain everything below.  

1. Personal Privacy:

This provides several important documents regarding your privacy and data.

2. Improvements:

This covers the collection of telemetry so we can improve our products.

Optional checkbox:

Help improve this app and our other products by sharing app-usage data with us.

This setting allows CCleaner to collect a small amount of entirely anonymous data about usage of CCleaner, allowing us to determine what the most commonly used features are, how effective they are, and so on.

3. Offers:

This allows us to notify you of other products that may be helpful to you. 

Optional checkbox:

See possible upgrades and offers for our other products by sharing app-usage data with us.

This setting allows us to offer other relevant products that we produce based on the features you use the most.

Optional checkbox:

See offers for 3rd-party products by sharing app-usage data with us. 

This also allows us to offer other products based on the CCleaner app features you find the most useful.


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