What can you use CCleaner for Windows for?

CCleaner for Windows has many functions, but it can't do everything. 

12 ways you can use CCleaner for Windows:

Protect your web browsing privacy:

Delete passwords and other temporary internet files so that nobody can see where you've been. CCleaner Professional can also delete browsing data every time you close your internet browser, either automatically or on-demand.

Protect your privacy for supported Windows applications:

Remove information about your activity when using certain apps, such as the files and folders you choose to access. This is for Windows or third-party apps that CCleaner supports.

Remove traces of deleted files to aid your cybersecurity:

Skilled criminals can recover deleted files, whether sensitive data or photos. CCleaner can securely delete traces of files to stop this from becoming a risk. This feature also makes it easier to clean out a hard drive you plan to sell on or dispose of. 

Save hard drive space and speed up your computer:

Boost your Windows startup procedure by selecting which apps start with Windows. Removing some auto-starting apps can help to optimize your computer's performance. Removing junk files from your system or web browser can also increase the performance of both hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) due to the extra free space. 

Automatically clean junk files from your PC (Smart Cleaning):

You can set up CCleaner for Windows to automatically clean junk files from your operating system and web browsers based on a file size threshold of your choice. CCleaner Free and CCleaner Professional can prompt you to clean files automatically with a notification (or without a notification). 

CCleaner Free: this can only clean junk files from your operating system.

CCleaner Professional: this can clean junk files from your operating system and web browsers.

Uninstall apps and software to save hard drive space:

You can uninstall programs directly from the CCleaner app. You can also rename or delete the add/remove entries from programs still installed on your computer.  

Get online advertisers and websites off your back:

Cookies can be useful to you, but they can also track your online activity and even increase the prices on things like airline tickets. CCleaner can help delete them if you want to.

Remove duplicate files to save hard drive space:

Use CCleaner's Duplicate File tool to find and remove copies of photos, downloaded files, and more that take up unnecessary space on your hard drive. 

Update software to help your security (CCleaner Professional only)

Updating installed software can help your security. It also means that you get the latest features available for apps on your PC that CCleaner supports.

Update 50 million+ drivers to tame PC hardware problems and more (CCleaner Professional only)

Keeping your PC's drivers up to date reduces your chances of experiencing errors and compatibility issues with your computer's sound, visuals, internet connection, and essential hardware (like the mouse and keyboard). CCleaner's Driver Updater tool is the answer and makes things simple for you.

Speed up your computer by putting apps into 'Sleep' mode (CCleaner Professional only)

CCleaner's Performance Optimizer feature can improve the performance of your PC by up to 34%. It does this by disabling background processes that might otherwise have an impact on the overall performance of your machine, freeing up extra speed for what you really want to focus on. 

Stabilize Windows by cleaning the Windows Registry:

Cleaning the Windows Registry can help stabilize Windows and fix inconsistencies in its performance. 

7 ways that you can't use CCleaner for Windows:

CCleaner can't detect or remove malware or spyware:

Feel free to take a look at Avast's free antivirus app or view their full range of products

You can't use Cleaner on networked drives or NAS storage devices:

CCleaner sends commands to your PC's operating system so that it can perform its functions. However, it can't send these over network protocols. It can only work on drives connected via IDE, SATA, and eSATA, or USB to the computer CCleaner's running on.

CCleaner can't defragment your hard drive:

That's why we created a free program called Defraggler that can do exactly that. 

CCleaner can't recover deleted or corrupted files:

Our other great free product, Recuva, can!

Repair a version of Windows or programs that aren't working properly:

The tools already built into Windows are better for this. 

Speed up your computer (at all times):

Running CCleaner on your current computer does not guarantee it will speed it up, particularly if hardware limitations drive its current performance. However, our product has been tested and proven to work, so it's always worth trying it out! 

Update all the software on your computer (CCleaner Professional):

CCleaner's Software Updater can update the specific apps and software that our product team has programmed it to update. Sometimes this changes when a newer version of CCleaner is released, and we communicate this in our Release Announcements

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