What can you use CCleaner for Mac for?

Note: this article is relevant to version 1.18.30 of CCleaner for Mac and below.
You can also find helpful information about the latest version of our macOS app.


CCleaner for Mac has many abilities, but it can't do everything. 

7 ways you can use CCleaner for Mac:

Protect your Web browsing privacy

Delete passwords and other temporary Internet files so that nobody will be able to see which websites you've visited.

Protect your privacy for supported macOS applications

Remove information about your activity when you use certain apps, such as the files and folders you choose to access. This is for macOS or third-party apps that CCleaner supports.

Remove traces of deleted files to aid your cybersecurity

Skilled criminals can recover deleted files, whether sensitive data or photos. CCleaner can securely delete traces of files to stop this from becoming a risk. This feature also makes it easier to clean out a hard drive you plan to sell on or dispose of.

Save computer memory and speed up your system startup

Boost your macOS startup procedure by selecting which apps start with macOS. Removing some auto-starting apps can help to optimize your computer’s performance.

Help your Mac run more smoothly

Repair the permissions in macOS 10.10 or older to optimize your Mac's performance. 

Uninstall apps and software to save hard drive space

You can uninstall programs directly from the CCleaner app.

Get online advertisers and websites off your back

Cookies can be useful to you, but they can track your online activity and even increase the prices on things like airline tickets. CCleaner can help manage them.

Things you can't do with CCleaner for Mac:

CCleaner for Mac can't detect or remove malware or spyware

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