Change update settings in CCleaner for Windows

This page focuses on the Control product updates for CCleaner screen in the Options > Updates part of the CCleaner app, and we explain the different options for updating software.

To skip to the full list of these options and what they do, go to the content below the screenshot. 


Automatic update settings:

Keep CCleaner updated automatically:

Choosing this option allows CCleaner to update itself, without any action needed on your part.

Send notifications when there is a new version of CCleaner:

If you uncheck this setting, you don't get notified of these updates.

Important Updates and Product Updates:

Version 5.74 of the CCleaner app introduced automatic updates for all users of the software, and as such, we no longer differentiate between different kinds of of updates.

In past versions of the software, however, we had the following kinds of update classifications.

Important Updates:

These are rarely released and exist to ensure that CCleaner runs safely and smoothly on your system.

Product Updates:

These are our regular monthly updates that provide new features and updated functionality. 

Emergency Updates:

These would have been used in the case of a catastrophic error or security issue, to keep our users safe.

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