Scheduled Cleaning in CCleaner Professional

CCleaner's Scheduling function gives you a simple way to run CCleaner's cleaning function at a later time or without your having to do anything. Go to Options > Scheduling.

How to use Scheduling: 

  1. From the main window, select Options, then Scheduling
  2. Click the Enable button to activate the Scheduling function. 
  3. Choose the schedule type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or At Login).
  4. Select the date and time when you want CCleaner to start
  5. Click Apply to save the schedule.

CCleaner Professional, Options, Scheduling window. See information above.

Daily schedule screen:

CCleaner Professional, Options, Scheduling window - Daily. See information above.

Weekly schedule screen:

CCleaner Professional, Options, Scheduling window - Weekly. See information above.

Monthly schedule screen:

CCleaner Professional, Options, Scheduling window - Monthly. See information above.

Please ensure that the selected day(s) exist in the selected month(s):

For example, selecting the 31st (and only February) would not be valid and won't allow you to save this schedule.


  • CCleaner requires the Windows Task Scheduler service to be running for scheduling to work.
  • CCleaner runs as a scheduled Windows task. You can view the task in the Scheduled Tasks applet from the Control Panel.
  • There will not be a prompt or pop-up that appears when the scheduled task is being performed; this is done silently.
  • This will perform a cleaning as if you had clicked Run Cleaner in the Custom Clean interface, with its specific set of checked Rules. It will not able to force-close browsers that are open at the scheduled time, nor will it perform the tasks in the Speed or Security sections of Health Check.

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