What is a digital fingerprint?

When you visit a website, your machine usually provides data related to your device configuration, browser, and online behavior. This is continuously stored and builds as you continue to interact with websites. Almost every website collects user data via the same types of advertising networks, which means that all your online activity is tracked and added to your own unique online profile. As you repeatedly visit your favorite websites, access your online accounts, shop online, and complete various forms, your online profile behaves like a ‘digital fingerprint’. 

Your digital fingerprint is not connected to your actual identity, but it can be used to create an accurate profile of you as an individual. Online tracking techniques study your interests, age, religion, medical issues, income, expenses, shopping habits, and other highly personal information. While this helps sellers personalize their ads, it does also intrude on your privacy. 

Kamo continuously changes your digital fingerprint to protect your online identity. To view a log of the changes to your digital fingerprint, open Kamo, move your mouse’s cursor over the indicator that shows when your fingerprint is next due to be changed (or re-hashed), and click ‘Go to Reports’. You can see this information in the Fingerprint randomization section.

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