How do subscription licenses work?

If you purchased CCleaner on a subscription, we renew your license automatically (or we ‘extend’ it for another year) at the end of your license term.

We email you 30 days before your license expires or automatically renews:

We do this to remind you that we're going to process the payment for your renewal, plus when we're going to do it and how much you need to pay us. The email also gives you the option to update your payment details and cancel your automatic renewal if you want to.

What happens if you cancel automatic renewal?

If you do this, your license remains active until the end of your term. At the end of your license term, we remind you to renew your license, but we don't take any payments from you automatically. 

Need to find your product license key?

Go to our license lookup page and enter your registered email address to retrieve info about your products, including product download links, license key(s), and expiry dates.

Send me my license details

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