How do I manage my CCleaner subscription?

You can do it via your payment confirmation email or the CCleaner app. These are the two main ways to manage your subscription, and we go into more detail below.

1. Your payment confirmation email

You get this shortly after you buy a subscription license from our website from our payment provider Cleverbridge.

It contains information about your purchase, the terms of your subscription, and it explains how to stop your subscription from getting renewed automatically.

2. The "Manage Subscription" link in the CCleaner app:

Go to Options > About > License Information. This screen in the CCleaner app shows information about your license and a Manage Subscription button.

Click the Manage Subscription button to open your web browser and go to your subscription management portal. It contains information about your license and gives you the option to update your payment details or cancel your subscription. 

CCleaner Professional, Options, About window showing Licence information screen.

How to cancel your subscription:

Go to Manage Subscription and disable Auto Extension.

Your subscription can be canceled by disabling Auto Extension.

Note: Canceling your subscription keeps your license active until the end of the agreed license term. We remind you to renew your license once this ends, but we don't automatically take any payments from you.

If you can't see the Manage Subscription button in CCleaner:

There are two reasons why this can happen.

1. You haven't registered your Professional product:

To register your product, please enter your CCleaner Professional registration details in the CCleaner app by going to Options > About > License Information > Register or Upgrade to Pro.

2. You forgot or can't find your license key details:

Read this article to get help with this.

CCleaner is registered, but you can't see the Manage Subscription button:

This is because you don't have a subscription-based license, or we canceled the subscription. In either case, we don't automatically renew your subscription. We remind you to renew your license manually once you reach the end of your agreed license term but don't automatically take any payments from you. 

Note: We've put security measures in place to ensure that your subscription portal is only accessible from your registered product. If your session on the portal times out, you need to close the webpage and reopen it from within the CCleaner app. You can do this by going to Options > License Information > Manage Subscription.

Need to find your product license key?

Go to our license lookup page and enter your registered email address to retrieve info about your products, including product download links, license key(s), and expiry dates.

Send me my license details

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