How do I manage my CCleaner subscription?

There are two ways to manage your subscription:

  1. Via your payment confirmation email

Shortly after purchasing a subscription license from our site, you will receive a confirmation email from our payment provider, Cleverbridge. This email contains information about your purchase and the terms of your subscription, as well as how to cancel the automatic renewal should you wish.

  1. Via a link found within CCleaner

You can manage your subscription from within CCleaner by going to ‘Options’ > ‘About’ > ‘License Information’. This screen will provide information about your license and a ‘Manage Subscription’ button. Clicking this button will open your browser and take you to your subscription's management portal. This portal contains information about your license and provides options to update your payment details and cancel your subscription should you wish.


Your subscription can be cancelled by disabling ‘Auto Extension’.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, your license will still remain active until the end of your term. At the end of your license term, you will be reminded to renew your license, but payment will not be taken automatically.

I can’t see a ‘Manage Subscription’ button within CCleaner. Why not?

There are two reasons why you may not be able to see this button:

  1. You have not registered your Professional product

To register your product please enter your CCleaner Professional registration details within CCleaner’s by going to 'Options' > 'About' > ‘License Information’ > 'Register' or 'Upgrade to Pro'.

If you have forgotten or cannot find your license key details, this article can help.

  1. If the product shows it’s registered and the Manage Subscription button is not visible, then you do not have a subscription-based license, or our subscription has already been cancelled, and therefore are not eligible for automatic renewal. This means that at the end of your license term you will be reminded to renew your license manually, but payment will not be taken automatically.

Note: Security measures have been put in place to ensure that your subscription portal can only be accessed from your registered product. If your session has timed out you will need to close the webpage and reopen it from within CCleaner (by going to ‘Options’ > ‘License Information’ > 'Manage Subscription').