I'm having trouble updating CCleaner. How can I resolve this?

In isolated cases, some CCleaner Professional, CCleaner Business Edition and CCleaner Tech Edition users are unable to update to v5.48. This is due to a change of publisher name on our digital code signing certificate (from ‘Piriform Ltd.’ to ‘Piriform Software Ltd.’), which means the update checkback cannot perform as intended (because the names on the certificate must match exactly). If you are affected by this issue, you’ll be asked to update CCleaner but unable to from within the application. This would continue to happen as newer versions of CCleaner are released until a fresh copy of CCleaner, with its updated code signing certificate, is installed from our website.

To save our users having to do this, and to deliver the smooth update experience that you expect, we’ve updated as many users as we can to v5.48. As this version has ‘Piriform Software Ltd.’ on its certificate, all updates will perform as normal going forwards.

If you are a CCleaner Professional user and we were not able to update you, this issue can be easily rectified by updating CCleaner from this link. Once you have updated to v5.48, all future updates will perform and complete as normal.

This issue should not affect CCleaner Free users who do not update from within the application but as always, CCleaner Free users can update from this link.

Thanks for your patience.