What is the Smart Cleaning feature?

Smart Cleaning deletes junk files from your computer automatically or prompts you to do it. It can do this for both your operating system and web browsers, making file cleaning automatic for you or reminding you when you need to do it, ensuring your PC's continual upkeep.

Smart Cleaning can also protect your online privacy because you can set it to clean web browsers each time you finish using them, potentially ridding your web browser of temporary internet files containing sensitive data (e.g., login data for online accounts). 

Note: You need to select options like Saved Form Information and Saved Passwords in the relevant part of Custom Clean for the latter to work.

Where can you find Smart Cleaning?

You find it in Options > Smart Cleaning > Settings for Smart Cleaning.

How does Smart Cleaning work, and how do you use it?

We start covering this from the section called Set a junk file threshold for automatic cleaning below and throughout this page.

Note: Automatic browser cleaning is only available in CCleaner Professional.

Set a junk file threshold for automatic cleaning:

Simply put, Smart Cleaning can remind you to open CCleaner whenever your PC collects a certain amount of junk files during your daily, weekly, or monthly computer activity.

It takes action (by default) if cleaning saves you more than .5 GBs of disk space in the part of the Settings for Smart Cleaning window called If cleaning saves me more than. If you're unsure, see the screenshot for reference.

CCleaner Professional, Smart Cleaning window.

To change the number of junk files you want Smart Cleaning to find in the If cleaning saves me more than part of the window, toggle the box next to this label, or type a number in the same box.

See the screenshot below for the messages and alerts that Smart Cleaning has and what each one means. 

CCleaner Alert, red notification - explained alongside

A red notification appears if CCleaner detects that it can save you more than 10% of the amount you defined in the Smart Cleaning settings.

CCleaner Alert, yellow notification - explained alongside

A yellow notification appears if CCleaner detects that it can clean an amount that's within 10% of your defined threshold.

CCleaner Alert, green notification - explained alongside

A green notification shows when Smart Cleaning finishes cleaning.


Clean your web browser files automatically (or get prompted):

You can configure the Enable automatic browser cleaning part of Smart Cleaning to clean browser files automatically, or it can prompt you to clean them (by yourself) with CCleaner. You can also do either without getting Smart Cleaning to prompt you with a specific notification when you close a web browser (see the screenshot below for the specific options related to this).

 Browser cleaning window with automatic browser cleaning and Smart Cleaning enabled  

Enable automatic browser cleaning shows these notifications when it's active:

Automatic browser cleaning Alert - Browser Closed - explained alongside

This window appears when Smart Cleaning detects that one of your web browsers is closed.

Automatic browser cleaning Alert - Browser Cleaned - explained alongside

After CCleaner has cleaned a web browser, this notification confirms that cleaning is complete (and the amount of space you have managed to save on your computer.)


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