What is the Smart Cleaning feature?

The Smart Cleaning feature is fully customizable, allowing you to configure CCleaner to automatically clean ‘junk’ files, prompt you to clean them, or prompt you to open CCleaner, whenever they reach the configured threshold. By default, it will take action when cleaning would save more than .5 GBs of disk space.


It will also allow you to configure CCleaner to automatically clean browser files, or prompt you to clean them, with or without a notification, whenever you close out of a browser.


With this feature, it is no longer necessary to take time out of your busy day to run the cleaning operation as this will automate file cleaning for you, or remind you of when cleaning may be warranted, helping to ensure the continual upkeep of file maintenance.

Additionally, the automatic browser cleaning options will protect your online privacy by clearing your internet tracks, immediately upon exiting the browser.

Note: Smart Cleaning is only available in CCleaner Professional, which is the paid version of CCleaner, found at: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download