How can I recover photos? - Part 2

Filter scan results for pictures

To filter Recuva's scan results for Pictures follow these intructions: 

Select "Pictures" from within the 'Filename or Path' drop-down on the top right-hand side of Recuva's interface.

You can also use the 'Filename or Path' field to filter the scan results by a specific file type. For example, if you only need to recover JPEG files, you can type .jpg into Filename or Path. This will make Recuva only show the .jpg files.

Finally, you can use the Filename or Path field to specify the previous directory location of the pictures. ( e.g. \Users\Pictures ).

If you know the name of the pictures you can search for them directly by typing this into the Filename or Path field. (e.g. FamilyPhoto003)


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