How can I see my System Information?

In CCleaner for Android, the System Info screen gives you insight into the system resources your device is using.

To access the System Info Screen:

From the main screen, open the navigation drawer by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and tap System Info.

PS: The navigation drawer can also be opened by swiping your finger from the left side of the screen towards right.

In System Info, you will find various charts showing you:

  • Device: This will show you what version of Android your device is running, how long it has been since your device was switched off, your device's IMEI/ESN number, the device model, and the root status.
  • Network: This section will show if WiFi is switched on, your device's MAC address, if Bluetooth is on, if mobile data is on, your IP address, as well as the network type you are currently connected to.
  • RAM: High RAM utilization may cause your device to slow down, crash or behave erratically. Tapping on the RAM card will show you the processes running on the device.
  • Internal Storage: This shows you how much of your phone’s storage space is used. The Internal Storage is where the operating system, apps and media may be stored.
  • Battery: This gives you a detailed breakdown of battery level, along with the temperature of the battery. If the battery becomes too hot, it may be a sign of a fault and it can cause other problems with your phone.
  • CPU Usage: This is so you can see if your device is struggling to run the operating system and apps that are currently open. If your CPU nears 100 percent utilization, it could explain poor performance or crashes.