Why is Chrome cleaning being skipped?

Chrome gets skipped if something associated with this web browser runs in the background during cleaning. This can happen while you run any CCleaner cleaning operation. This page explains what you can do to fix this issue and how to clean Chrome with CCleaner. 

Why does Chrome get skipped if you don't have it open?

This is probably because of Chrome-related background processes running on your PC. Please close all your web browsers and the associated processes for CCleaner to clean the relevant files properly.

Change Chrome's settings to let CCleaner clean: 

Chrome has a setting that allows its background applications to run after you close it. If you want to disable this, use the following steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome and click the menu icon represented as three dots ( ) on the upper-right corner of the browser
  2. Click Settings (see the screenshot below to see what this menu looks like)   
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and click Advanced to extend the length of the page
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the same (extended) page again (for a second time)
  5. Click or toggle the switch called Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed to the left to put it in the "off" position. It also turns from blue to gray to show that it's off.

After you disable this setting, rerun CCleaner to see if this resolves the problem. This should stop Chrome from getting skipped.

Note: CCleaner sometimes generates this message during the cleaning process. We explain what to do about this in the next section below the screenshot. 

Notice: Google Chrome needs to be closed to clean the Internet Cache. Do you want CCleaner to close Google Chrome?

What do you do when CCleaner asks you to close Chrome?

When you see this message, click Yes to allow CCleaner to close Google Chrome and/or its related processes.

What if CCleaner doesn't ask you to close Chrome?

If you don't see this message or similar, this is probably because you selected the option Do not show me this message again at some point in the past (see screenshot). You can change this setting by restoring CCleaner’s default settings.

Go to Options > Advanced in CCleaner to restore these notifications. 

Note: Restoring CCleaner's default settings also resets all your customized settings in the software.

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