What do the different colored Endpoint icons mean?

comp-green.png Online

The Endpoint Agent is installed and is communicating correctly with the Management Service. You can Clean and Defrag this Endpoint.

comp-blue.png Online (Agent not installed)

The Endpoint has been identified on the local network, but does not yet have the Endpoint Agent installed.

comp-black.png Offline

The Endpoint has been found in a previous network scan, but is currently offline.

comp-red.png Online (Paired with another CCN)

The Endpoint has the Agent installed, but it is paired with a different instance of the Management Service. You may have multiple Management Services on your network, or the Endpoint is paired with a previous installation of CCleaner Network.

You can find help with this issue here.

comp-grey.png Grey (Host limit reached)

The Endpoint has been found, but you have reached the maximum number of licensed Endpoints. i.e. you will need to buy additional licenses.