I've deleted some files by accident - HELP!

Do you need to recover files from an SD Card, flash drive, or external drive? Recuva can help! Simply download from our website here and install it.

However if you are needing to recover files from the system drive (generally, the C: drive) this may differ because ideally, you should install Recuva before you need it. 

This is because when you go online to download Recuva, the process of downloading the installer can create a huge number of temporary files on the system drive, which may overwrite the file you are trying to recover, making recovery impossible.

The same principle also applies to other drives, partitions, and media cards because when needing to recover data, you should immediately stop using the storage device that you need to recover files from. Specifically, you should avoid doing anything in Windows that would perform a “write” operation, including but not limited to formatting, creating/uploading new files, transferring files, or if a system drive, browsing the internet.

For more information on configuring the software to scan your media, please view our tutorial on the Wizard Mode here or on the Advanced Mode here.

Afterwards, you can find out more about recovering your file(s) here.

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