How do I update CCleaner?

You can easily update CCleaner by using the Check for updates link within the CCleaner interface. If you're using CCleaner Professional, you can enable background updates so that CCleaner updates itself automatically when there's a new version.

How to update CCleaner manually:

You can install updates by clicking on the Check for updates link at the bottom right-hand corner of the CCleaner interface:


If there's a newer version available, you will be notified and given the option to download it.

You can change your Update options anytime you want through the section we’ve provided in the Options > Updates menu:


 We can deliver 2 types of updates for our software, Important and Product Updates.

Important Updates: Security/Software Stability patches or New Feature additions to CCleaner.

Product Updates: Regular updates that improve our cleaning process and provide small bug fixes

We highly recommend keeping your default settings as they are so you could have the latest and most secure release on your device.

Please Note:

You MUST be registered to receive automatic updates. To verify that you have registered, open CCleaner and go to 'Options' > 'About' and check that your name is listed next to 'Registered to:' If it is not, simply click 'Register' or 'Upgrade to Pro' and enter your license details.

It may take a day or two for updates to apply when using automatic updates.

There are no additional charges for each update.