What is 'Manage startup items'?

Manage startup items shows you which specific programs launch automatically each time you start up your Mac and lets you turn them On or Off. This helps you control how these things use your Mac’s processing power, which can help to improve your Mac’s performance. We break these items into three types: applications, launch daemons, and launch agents.

  • Applications are programs or apps that open automatically every time you log in or restart your Mac.
  • Launch Agents and Daemons are like mini-applications that are part of other software. These run in the background without any input from you, helping apps complete specific goals (like daily maintenance tasks or scanning a connected device for malware), but it’s not always useful to keep them running all the time.

Startup items screen

To disable startup items on your Mac, click on SHOW next Manage startup items on the main menu of the new CCleaner for Mac. The feature should show you how many startup items you can disable on your computer. You can also turn these items back on at any time with the simple On and Off toggle switch on the far right. You can find this in the Startup processes column.

Note: You may be asked to enter an administrator password when you disable certain startup items on your Mac, which is normal macOS behavior.

If you want to find out more information about a particular startup item, hover your cursor to the right side of the far-right toggle switch (the same toggle switch we mentioned above). Make sure that you do this in the same row as the program or process you want. Click the (i) icon that appears to reveal a pop-up screen. The pop-up screen should reveal what Type of program or process it is and where the File location of it exists on your Mac, which can often be used to identify the source application. You can also Remove this item, though we recommend only doing this when the program’s uninstall procedure fails to remove it (or in similar unusual cases) or it is one you have added yourself.



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