Why is the new CCleaner for Mac missing some features, such as Wipe Free Space?

When creating the new CCleaner for Mac, we worked closely with our beta community to understand which of CCleaner for Mac’s original features would be preferable in the new version. Our original app’s most used features were transferred across to the new app and features that were less popular were not included. We chose to do this so we could deliver a clean new interface and make space for even better features that we’re working on right now.

Some original features haven’t been included in the new CCleaner for Mac right now but may return later in a new and improved format.

This affects:

  • This ability to clean Recent Documents, Recent Applications, and Recent Places.
  • The Wipe Free Space feature. We chose not to include this feature because Apple discontinued the release of Mac computers with conventional hard disk drives (HDDs), opting for solid-state drives (SSDs) instead. In addition to this, wiping procedures are not effective on SSDs, and this is why Apple removed this functionality from macOS. We have followed Apple’s example.

Note: With the release of MacOS Majove (September 2018), Apple removed the secure erase option for SSDs in Disk Utility. Find out more about this and how it affects you.

  • Custom folder cleaning: we deprioritized this feature as we learned that the vast majority of users do not find this useful.
  • Multi-user profile cleaning: we didn’t include this due to some compatibility issues with macOS itself.

We assure you that changes were made so we could deliver a brand new app that’s better looking and easier to use. Our teams will be working tirelessly to improve the new CCleaner for Macs app’s cleaning capabilities and feature set, making it greater than ever. To keep up to date with any future additions, check our Release Announcements or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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