How do I adjust the new CCleaner for Mac’s settings?

Open the new CCleaner for Mac, click CCleaner on the left side of the Apple menu bar, and select Preferences.

General Preferences screen

From the Preferences window, you can perform the following actions:

  • General tab: Add or remove the CCleaner for Mac icon from your Apple menu bar, and manage application updates
  • Scanning tab: Manage Clean clutter and Find duplicates settings
  • Browser Cleaning tab: Manage scheduled browser cleaning plus the sites where you want to keep the cookies
  • Trash tab: Adjust how long it takes for something to get deleted from the Trash
  • Alerts tab: Manage the notifications you receive from the new CCleaner for Mac
  • Subscription tab: View your subscription details or activate a new subscription
  • Privacy tab: Adjust your privacy settings

Note: To empty Trash automatically, you need to buy the full version of the new CCleaner for Mac.

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