What is 'Clean browser'?

Clean browser scans the top six browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Brave) for records of your activity and personal info. It can remove these to help protect your privacy online.

Clean Browser screen

To perform a scan, click SCAN next to Clean browser on the main menu of the new CCleaner for Mac. Ensure you close any open browsers if prompted, as we can’t scan and clean some files if they remain open. After you’ve completed the scan, you can see which browsers have files that you can remove and what categories these files fall under (Cookies, Caches, Browsing History & Autofill Addresses, and more) and choose which ones to remove from your Mac.

How to schedule browser cleaning

You can configure the new CCleaner for Mac to automatically maintain your online privacy by cleaning your browsers on a schedule. To do this, go to SETTINGS > Browser Cleaning > Schedule. Click on each browser to expand the window and choose a data category to clean. Select how often you want this to happen using the dropdown on the right.
To use this feature, you need to buy the full version of the new CCleaner for Mac.

Clean Browser Schedule screen

How to not remove cookies from specific websites

Go to the section called Allowed websites via SETTINGS > Browser Cleaning > Schedule screen to adjust your preferences for this. Deleting cookies for some websites means you might need to input your password data next time you visit the website. To stop this from happening, CCleaner for Mac lets you keep certain cookies from the websites you often visit.

Clean Browser Allowed Websites screen

You can add and remove specific websites in the Browser Cleaning section in Settings. When adding sites to your allowed list, you have three options:

Enter the website into the text box manually and select Add, e.g., gmail.com
You can choose from a list of popular websites from the drop-down list on the right
You can import your bookmarks from your browsers (this will import all bookmarks from all your installed browsers)

Note: To unlock the import bookmarks feature, you need to buy the full version of the new CCleaner for Mac.

You can see which websites are already in your Allowed websites list at the bottom of the page and remove them using the trash (or bin) icon on the right.

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