What is 'Clean clutter'?

Clean clutter scans several areas of your hard drive and detects any unnecessary files that it can remove (to create more disk space on your Mac.) Clutter files can be long-abandoned temporary files that get stored in macOS each time you run Spotify, Microsoft Office, and other programs. You’re unlikely to need these files again in the future, and they can take up unnecessary storage space on your Mac.

Clean Clutter screen

To perform a scan, click SCAN next to Clean clutter on the main menu of the new CCleaner for Mac. After you’ve completed the scan, you can see the amount of space taken up by unnecessary files and choose to remove them from your Mac.

Clean_Clutter - large files screen

In the new CCleaner for Mac, you can also scan for Large Files with the Clean Clutter feature. This makes it easy to locate large files that you may not need, such as video editing files or old backups, for example. It groups them in one easy-to-find section to help you to decide which files you no longer need, which frees up valuable storage space on your Mac.


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