How do I use the Driver Updater?

This page explains how to use the Driver Updater function included in the paid version of CCleaner for Windows.

Understanding the Driver Updater:

The Driver Updater tool scans the hardware devices that need drivers to work properly on your operating system. These devices can include printers, scanners, digital cameras, network or video adapters, and sound and graphics cards. Once the scan is complete, you can choose to update some or all of the available drivers.

How to find Driver Updater and use it in CCleaner for Windows:

1. In CCleaner, click on the Driver Updater icon on the left. When viewing the Driver Updater for the first time, you get an introduction to this function. When you view it again, you'll see the following summary screen:



2. If you performed a scan recently, click Update your drivers to view the drivers available to update. Otherwise, you can click Scan again to view a more recent assessment of your drivers.



3. From this screen, check or uncheck drivers to determine which ones you would like to update. When all drivers are selected, clicking Update All will start the update process; otherwise, the button will state Update Selected when only some drivers are selected. You may also Scan Again or return to the Summary screen.


4. While updating, please do not disconnect from the internet or allow the computer to shut down. Afterward, you should see a summary of the drivers you installed, failed to install, or that you need to install after restarting the computer. You may choose to Restart Later or Restart your PC now.



5. If you experience trouble with your computer after restarting, please open the Driver Updater summary screen and click Fix a problem. This reverts some or all of the installed drivers. You can find out more about doing so in our article I'm having a problem with Driver Updater. What are my options? You can also click the Feedback button to offer your feedback on the update process!

How to view your installed drivers:

1. In CCleaner, click on the Driver Updater icon on the left. You can then click See your drivers or See Scan Results, depending on whether or not you have drivers to update.



2. By default, the results get filtered based on drivers installed in the latest update. However, this can be set to any timein the latest update, in the last week, or in the last month via the Show drivers installed drop-down menu.

3. You may click on the arrow next to any category (such as Display or Storage) to reveal all of the installed drivers that meet the selected criteria. Click Learn more for a driver to find out more about it, including any previous versions that may be available. From this screen, you may Revert to an earlier version in case of problems with that device.


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