How do I turn on system protection on Windows?

This page explains how to do this, plus why you need system protection.

Why do you need to turn on system protection?

Turning on system protection allows the CCleaner app to create an additional form of backup for your drivers using Windows System Restore points. This means that if you have any issues after updating them, you have two ways to undo changes.

How do you switch on system protection?

Launch your Windows desktop and go to your Windows search box. 

Enter “control panel” into the search box to find the correct Windows program and launch the Control Panel.

Search for Control Panel

Go to the search box inside the Control Panel and type in the word “recovery.”

Click on Recovery and then follow this flow: 

Configure System Restore > Configure…

Control Panel Home - Advanced recovery tools

System Properties

You should see two options displayed as Turn on system protection and Disable system protection

System Protection for Windows (C:)

If the first option isn’t already selected in the Restore Settings menu, this means that your system protection is turned off and that Windows isn’t creating any system restore points. To change this, select the first option, Turn on system protection, to allow Windows to create restore points on your PC. 

Note: System Restore points can take up a large amount of space. Windows automatically cleans up old restore points when it needs to optimize space on your disk. You can tell Windows how much space to use for this by following the steps above and adjusting Max Space Usage. If you need to manage this directly, you can do so in the CCleaner app: Tools > System Restore.


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