What if you can't open files you've recovered?

This page explains why Recuva can't repair damaged files. It also suggests some basic, non-CCleaner-based software that may be able to help with your damaged or corrupted files (in these specific categories): 

  • Microsoft Office files
  • Image files
  • Video files

Recuva cannot repair files that are already damaged:

This can happen if there's an error on your hard drive, but more commonly, it's due to a file being partially or fully overwritten on your hard drive. Recuva has no way of knowing what a particular file should be, so it can only recover the data exactly as it's written on the drive at the time of recovery. Once the file is recovered, you may be able to use additional tools designed for that specific type of file to repair it.

These specialist tools may be able to help you with damaged files: 

IMPORTANT: We cannot offer any support or warranty for the products or sites listed below. 

Microsoft Office files

Microsoft Office can allow you to repair damaged files, and there is information available online. If you're looking for something more specific to Microsoft Word, you can also find out more about repairing damaged Word documents

Other helpful services:



Image files

IrfanView's program can open corrupted image files, allowing you to save the pictures to a format compatible with other software, such as Windows Photo Viewer.

Find out more about IrfanView or download it for free

Video files

VLC Media Player can work around damaged video files.

Fix.video can also repair many kinds of video files.

Audio files

VLC Media Player can also repair or workaround damage to audio files such as MP3s.

The repair tool from majorgeeks.com can also repair audio files like MP3s.

You could also try repairing audio files by going to mp3repair.net.

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