What is System Privacy?

Your Windows operating system has many privacy related settings that Kamo can optimize and monitor for increased privacy. By enabling the recommended system privacy settings in Kamo you can:

  • Stop Windows from sending data samples to Microsoft that may contain personal information.
  • Stop Windows Task Scheduler (that runs silently in the background of your PC) from sending information to Microsoft about your system and its usage.
  • Prevent Windows from recognizing your handwriting patterns and sending handwriting data to Microsoft.
  • Prevent websites from being able to see your Windows Media Player. This prevents Windows Media Player from sharing your unique identifier with websites that use this information to gather statistics.
  • Prevent Microsoft and other third party applications from reading and collecting data about your online behavior.
  • Stop sharing with Microsoft the data of files you play using Windows Media Player.
  • Prevent third parties from remotely accessing your computer and viewing the index identity Microsoft has created on your behalf. The index identity can show third parties which files and applications you are using.
  • Stop LAN manager hashes being generated for stored user account passwords. LAN manager hashes are generated using a weak algorithm and are easily hackable. Instead, Kamo generates password hashes using a strong algorithm, which makes your user account passwords harder for a hacker to crack using a brute force attack.

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