What are Important Updates and how can I control them?

Important Updates are major updates to ensure that CCleaner runs safely and smoothly on your system. Important Updates are only relevant to versions of CCleaner for Windows between v5.50 and v5.730.

What's an example of an Important Update?

An example could be a major update to move you to a version of CCleaner that updates automatically, as doing so means you’ll always have the latest and safest version of CCleaner on your PC.

How to opt in and out of Important Updates:

We recommend that Important Updates are switched on, but this is your choice. You can control if Important Updates can take place automatically and, if so, whether you wish to be notified when one has taken place. All notifications will come from the app and usually consist of a pop-up message in your screen's bottom right.

To amend your update choices, open CCleaner, and go to Options > Updates. See ‘Important Updates.’ If ‘Apply these updates automatically’ is ticked, you will receive Important Updates. You can change your settings at any time.

You still get Important Updates on CCleaner v5.74 and above:

However, because these updates are so important, we now give you the option to receive them automatically as a part of our overall move to automatic updates. 

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