I had a CCleaner Professional or Professional Plus license. Why has my license been deactivated?

If your version of CCleaner no longer works as it used to (for example, you have lost access to some features), it may have either expired or deactivated. You can see your license status within the CCleaner app (see the top grey bar, over to the left).

CCleaner license status indicator

If your license status is ‘License Deactivated’ or 'License Disabled'

There may be a few reasons why your license has been deactivated. Usually this is because you have upgraded to a newer license and need to enter that license key instead - using the Options > License Key or My Account > Activate License menu options inside CCleaner.  If you are unsure which is your current license key that you should be using, you can find it using the License Lookup Tool.

Subscription-based licenses that expired a long time ago may also be deactivated to stop ongoing renewal reminders. License keys can also be deactivated at your request, in the event of a refund or return, for being used on more devices than licensed for, or for software piracy. If you have also unknowingly purchased a counterfeit license from an unauthorized reseller, please contact us at support@ccleaner.com so we can help you.

Legacy License Keys (Pre 2018)*

Older non-subscription licenses purchased prior to 2018 and with a maintenance agreement that ended prior to 2019 are no longer supported and do not have access to any of the CCleaner Professional features that were released after the maintenance agreement expired, such as Software Updater, Health Check, Driver Updater or Performance Optimizer.  Most customers with such licenses have upgraded to a subscription license or are using the free version of CCleaner instead.

To avoid sending unwanted license status notifications to customers, such legacy licenses that do not appear to have been used for a long time may also be deactivated.  If you have such a license we recommend upgrading to a subscription.  But you wish to continue to use it (albeit with limited functionality) you can also contact us at support@ccleaner.com to have it restored until our old licensing system reaches official End of Life (expected to be some time in 2023).

If your license status is ‘License Expired’ or you're asked to renew your license

This means the time period in which your license was valid has ended, so you are no longer eligible to use CCleaner Professional features in CCleaner. However, you can still use CCleaner as a free version. Please see Why am I being asked to renew CCleaner? for more information and how to resolve this.




* Prior to 2018, CCleaner Professional licenses were sold on a "by version" basis, including 12 months of product upgrades and support.  Although ongoing use and updates past this point are permitted for home-use customers for access to the latest cleaning definitions, business users and customer wishing to gain access to any newer product features added after 2018 needed to extend their CCleaner license or upgrade to a new one.  Please note that CCleaner Professional has never been marketed as having a "lifetime", "permanent" or "perpetual" license.  If you see any online reseller fraudulently advertising a CCleaner license as being "lifetime" please report this to support@ccleaner.com.


Need to find your product license key?

Go to our license lookup page and enter your registered email address to retrieve info about your products, including product download links, license key(s), and expiry dates.

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