I had a CCleaner Professional or Professional Plus license. Why has my license been deactivated?

If your version of CCleaner no longer works as it used to (for example, you have lost access to some features) it may have either expired or deactivated. You can see the status of your license within the CCleaner app (see the top grey bar, over to the left).


If your license status is ‘License Deactivated’

There may be a number of reasons why your license has been deactivated. If you have asked for a refund, you are no longer eligible to use CCleaner Professional and your license will be deactivated. Or, you may have also unknowingly purchased a license from an unauthorized reseller. If this is the case, please contact us at support@ccleaner.com so we can help you.

If your license status is ‘License Expired’ or you are being asked to renew your license

This means the time period that your license was valid for has ended so you are no longer eligible to use professional features in CCleaner, however, you can still use CCleaner as a free version. Please see 'Why am I being asked to renew CCleaner?' for more information and how to resolve this.