Speccy options - System Tray tab

In Speccy's 'System Tray' options, you can set Speccy to minimize to the tray and, if so, configure what system metrics it displays, if any.

On the Options screen, under the System Tray tab, you can select to minimize to tray

  • Check the Minimize to tray option to allow Speccy to move to the Windows Notification Tray instead of the Start Bar.
    • Check the Display metrics in tray tooltip option to show a list of detected temperatures when you mouse over Speccy's Notification Tray icon.
    • Check the Display metrics in tray option to replace the Speccy option with a live display of a selected metric. 

Tray metrics section:

This section will allow you to custom what metric is is displayed in place of the Speccy icon. You can use the Output dropdown to to select the category of metric to display, such as CPU or Storage. Once the proper category is selected, you can use the Sensor dropdown to then select the specific sensor to report, and use the Refresh every # sec option to choose how frequently this is updated (faster update speeds will use more of the computer's resources, but shouldn't be a problem on even a reasonably advanced computer).

  • Check Run Speccy in tray when the computer starts to have Speccy start with Windows.
    • NOTE: Due to a software limitation, the software must be opened by the user at least once per session with this setting enabled in order for it to be able to automatically refresh the Notification Tray icon. 


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