Running Speccy in debug mode

If you need to view a detailed log of Speccy's activities for troubleshooting then you can run the software in debug mode.

To run Speccy in debug mode:

  1. From the Windows desktop, click Start and then click Run (or press Windows Key+R on your keyboard).
  2. In the Run dialog box, type <path to Speccy> /debug. Typically, this will be:
    "C:\Program Files\Speccy\Speccy.exe" /debug
    "C:\Program Files\Speccy\Speccy64.exe" /debug
    if you’re using 64-bit version of the operating system
    • If installed in the default folder, you may be able to simply enter "Speccy /debug" or "Speccy64 /debug".
  3. Click OK. Speccy will start in debug mode.
  4. A Window will appear asking you which features of Speccy you would like to log.
    To allow Speccy to scan the entire computer, click OK to continue. If you would like to customize the scan, you may uncheck items you do not wish to scan, such as Analyze storage dataBy default all check-boxes within this section are pre-selected, uncheck items you do not wish to scan
  5. Speccy will start, the options that were not selected in the previous step will not be available (“This node is disabled” message will be displayed)
  6. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the installation path (the same path you typed in Step 2). The log file will be in this folder in the format: Speccy_log[version][date].txt.

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