Adding & Scanning your Network in CCleaner Network

To add your new network to your Management Console you will need the network address of the endpoint the Management Service is running on, the network password, and a license key.

If you have installed in One-to-One mode, then you can skip this step as this is done for you automatically by the installation wizard. For the other configurations there are 3 extra steps.

Set the Management Service password

  1. On the endpoint the Service is running on, open the Management Service Configuration tool.
  2. Select on Action > Change password.
  3. Enter the password of your choice.
  4. You will be prompted to restart the Service.

Add the Network to the Console

  1. In the Network Tree, right-click Administrator > Add Network.
  2. Enter the connection name (this can be anything you like).
  3. Enter the host name or IP address of the endpoint the Service is running on.
  4. Enter the port number (default 10269).
  5. Enter the password you specified in step 1.
  6. Select OK, and you're ready to go.

Register the Network:

You now need to register the license for the new network.

  1. In the Network Tree, select the network you want to register.
  2. Select Network > Registration.
    CCleaner Network - Network Registration
  3. In the License information message, select Change Key.
  4. In the Activation window, type the registration key, and then select OK.
  5. The Management Service will now restart. You must reconnect to the newly-licensed network:
    Right-click the network name in the Network Tree, and then select Connect.

Once this process is completed, the next step is for CCleaner Network to add the endpoints to your network.

If you are planning on using Active Directory in endpoint scanning, enter the Active Directory credentials first, as described here.

Scan your Network:

  1. In the Network Tree, right-click the network name, and then select Scan for hosts.
  2. In the CCleaner Network message which appears, select Yes.

Once the scan is complete (this may take some time), the Endpoints will appear under the network name in the network tree.

The next step is to decide which endpoint deployment method you will use.


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