Defraggler Shell extension

You can use Defraggler to defragment any file or folder without opening the main application. During the installation process, you are given the option to add an extension to Windows Explorer 'Add Defraggler menus to Windows Explorer'.

By default, this extension will be added during the installation of CCleaner, but it may also be enabled or disabled in Defraggler’s Options.

To check the Fragmentation or Defragment file/folder:

  1. Select the file or folder which you want to check or defrag.
  2. Open the context menu by clicking the right mouse button and select Defraggler.

    • Check Fragmentation - this will determine how fragmented the file or folder is on your hard drive.
    • Defragment - this feature will defrag the selected file or folder.
  3. After each action, the following messages will appear:
    • Check Fragmentation will tell you about the number of fragments of the selected file/folder.

    • Defragment will tell you about the status of the defragmentation process.

  4. You can Close the message or click Open Defraggler to open the main Defraggler window.

NOTE:  The Defraggler Shell extension works also for multiple files or folders.

To Check Fragmentation or Defragment multiple files/folders:

  1. Select a few files/folders whilst holding the CTRL key.
  2. Choose desired action as listed above.

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