Navigating through Speccy

There are three ways to navigate through Speccy's user interface:

  1. Click the blue headings. Whenever you see a blue heading (such as Operating System or CPU), you can click it to go to a section revealing more information about that item.
  2. Use the navigation pane. The navigation pane is the vertical list of items at the left of the main window. Click any item (such as Hard Drives or Optical drives) to go to the section describing that item in detail.
  3. Use the View menu. If you prefer to use menus for navigation, you can access each section from the View menu. For example, to see the Audio section, click View, click Sections, and then click Audio.

The Speccy interface displaying the3 navigation methods listed above

Additionally, throughout the Speccy interface, you will see the following icon next to certain entries (typically: A graph shortcut icon with small black square with a green line on the bottom)

When you click this icon, you will be able to view a live graph for that value, updated every second.

For example, if you click the graph icon next to the temperature reading for the CPU on the main Speccy page, you will see the following graph:

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