Problems While Running CCleaner for Mac

Note: this article is relevant to version 1.18.30 of CCleaner for Mac and below.
You can also find helpful information about the latest version of our macOS app.


Problems While Running CCleaner for Mac

If you have set files or folders to be included, but they are not being cleaned:

As well as adding files or folders to the Include section of the Options area, you must also tell CCleaner for Mac you want to clean custom files and folders. You can do this in the Cleaner section before you run a Cleaning scan:

  1. In CCleaner for Mac, click the Cleaner icon at left.
  2. Under the Mac OS X tab, in the Advanced section, select the Custom Files and Folders checkbox.

Failed to save registration key file:

This problem is usually resolved by running CCleaner as Sudo, using these steps:

  1. Open Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  2. Type: sudo "/Applications/"
  3. Click Enter/Return > type your Mac OS X password (you will not see any text being input when entering this)
  4. Click Enter/Return again and CCleaner will open as Sudo.

When CCleaner opens as Sudo, enter your registration details again to allow CCleaner to register.

CCleaner shows that certain items are skipped when cleaning:

When CCleaner detects that certain programs are running, typically browsers, you will be prompted to close these programs, as CCleaner requires that your permission be explicitly granted to close these programs. If the ‘Do not show me this message again’ option is checked, CCleaner will be unable to ask for this permission and thus unable to close the open browsers.

You can be prompted for this even if the browser(s) appear to be closed, as they may be running in the background.

To allow these dialogs to be shown again, please visit the Options > Advanced section of the software and click Restore default settings. This will reset all settings in the CCleaner software, including the Cookies to Keep list and Include/Exclude lists, but will allow these prompts to be displayed again, allowing you to ask CCleaner to close open browsers again.

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