Manage startup programs with CCleaner for Mac

Note: this article is relevant to version 1.18.30 of CCleaner for Mac and below.
You can also find helpful information about the latest version of our macOS app.


When you install a program, often it will set itself up so that it starts every time you start macOS.

This can be a real pain, because having a lot of programs start that way means it takes longer for macOS to start and the memory used can slow your Mac to a drag.

Not every program has to start automatically. You may decide to let some do so - like messenger programs. For the others, CCleaner for Mac gives you a way to stop them in their tracks.

You can do one of two things with each item in the list of startup items:

  1. Hide it - the item will start in the background, but it won't show up in the Dock
  2. Delete it - the item is deleted from the auto-start list

Why would you choose to hide the auto-start instead of deleting it? Sometimes you might want to remove an item, but have the option to add it back in later if you change your mind.

To control which programs start with macOS:

  1. In the left pane of CCleaner for Mac, click Tools, and then click Startup
  2. In the Startup pane, you'll see a list of all items that have been set to start automatically with macOS. Those that have been hidden will show ‘Hidden’ in the Status column.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • To prevent a program from showing in the Dock, but allow it to still run in the background, select the program entry and click Hide. You can then UnHide it if you want it to show in the Dock again.
  • To prevent a service from running in the background but allow it to be easily enabled again if preferred, select the service entry and click Disable. You can then Enable it again if you find that you need its services.
  • To prevent a program from starting with macOS and to remove it from the auto-start list, select the program entry and click Remove

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