Change advanced settings in CCleaner for Windows

Changing the advanced settings in CCleaner:

This page focuses on the Options > Advanced screen within CCleaner and the options available to you. This page can help you if you want to review certain CCleaner settings or change how the app behaves. Skip to the Changing advanced settings section below the screenshot for a full list and description of CCleaner's advanced options. 

Note: The settings mentioned on this page are for advanced users of our app. Please make sure you feel confident and knowledgeable enough about CCleaner's functionality before adjusting any advanced settings. This reduces the risk of unwanted errors.


CCleaner Professional, Options, Advanced window. See information below.


Changing advanced settings:

The table below contains a full list of the options available to you in the Options > Advanced part of CCleaner and also describes what each one does.



Cleaning results level of detail

Choose Advanced Report to select the default report that lists the results of each cleaning option (selected by default), or File List to display all detected files in a single list.

Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours

This prevents CCleaner from deleting temporary files that may be currently in use. Selected by default. 

Only delete files in Recycle Bin older than 24 hours

This prevents CCleaner from deleting files recently put into the Recycle Bin for deletion.

Hide warning messages

This is useful if you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode.

Close program after a Custom Clean

This is handy if you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode. See also Command-line parameters.

Shutdown after a Custom Clean

This helps you use CCleaner exclusively (at the end of a computing session) and want to save a step in shutting down the computer.

Show prompt to backup registry issues

You are prompted to back up your Windows Registry to a .REG file before CCleaner runs. Selected by default.

Minimize to System Tray

This is useful if you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode.

Save all settings to INI file

By default, CCleaner's settings are saved in the Registry. If you select this option, they will be saved to the ccleaner.ini file in the CCleaner program directory.

You can use this option to copy your CCleaner settings to a new computer just by copying the ccleaner.ini file.

Also, once you've selected this setting, your desktop CCleaner installation is now a portable installation. Simply copy the contents of the CCleaner program directory onto a USB drive and you can use it on any other PC.

Skip User Account Control warning

This will allow CCleaner to bypass the UAC warnings that Windows will commonly prompt you for when a program might modify data on the hard drive. Selected by default.

Note: If these prompts occur when running CCleaner even with this option checked, please uncheck it, then restart the computer, and check the option once more to reset it.

Enable Windows Jump List Tasks

Allows you to use CCleaner functions when its window is minimized to the taskbar.

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