Troubleshooting when Kamo blocks or slows down webpages

In rare cases, Kamo may slow down your browser, prevent certain webpages from loading, or prevent email attachments from downloading. If you experience this issue, we recommend following the steps in this article to see if Kamo is related to this issue.

NOTE: before following the instructions below, ensure that you have the latest version of your browser installed:

If the problem persists afterwards, refer to the following instructions:

1. Fully uninstall and then reinstall Kamo by following steps in the article below:

Troubleshooting when Kamo cannot detect tracking activity

2. If you continue to experience issues, disable Anti-tracking:

  • Click on the 'CHANGE' button below 'Anti-tracking'


  • Click the green (Protected) slider so it turns red (Not protected)mceclip1.png

3. If this doesn't solve your issue, disable browser protection for the affected browser:

  • Click on the 'CHANGE' button below 'Browser protection'


  • Click the green (Protected) slider next to the affected browser(s) so it changes to red (Not protected)



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