Remotely upgrading or uninstalling the Endpoint Agent with CCleaner Network

CCleaner Network comes with the latest version of the Endpoint Agent, an .EXE file which is stored in the Endpoint Agent of the CCleaner Network program folder, typically:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent 


C:\Program Files\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent

We recommend that you use the Remote Installation procedure to create an updated Agent installer, and then push it out to endpoints using a script or group policy objects.

However, you can also push it out directly using the Management Console, as follows:

  • Download the new version and replace the existing .EXE file (for example, ccn-agent-2.11.1.msi ) with the newer version in the \Endpoint Agent folder.
  • Then, you must push the new Endpoint Agent to the endpoint machines by network, group, or individual endpoint.

Remotely upgrading the Endpoint Agent

  1. Ensure that the upgraded Endpoint Agent .EXE has been placed in either the C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent OR C:\Program Files\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent folder.
  2. In the Network Tree, right-click the network, group, or endpoint to upgrade, and then select Remote Upgrade Agent.
  3. Read the notice and then select OK.

Note: To remotely upgrade the Endpoint Agent, the endpoints must:

  • Have their User Account Control (UAC) disabled;
  • Be accessible to the PC where the Management Console is installed (without any interference from a firewall or other security software).
  • Have the Administrator credentials known to you.

Remotely Uninstalling Endpoint Agents

  1. In the Network Tree, right-click the network, group, or endpoint to uninstall, and then select Remote Uninstall Agent.
  2. Read the notice and then select OK.

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