Network Settings in CCleaner Network

To access these settings, click Network > Options in the Management Console. This will apply to all networks that this Management Console connects to.

CCleaner Network Options

Network tab

The Network Communication section enables you to specify how often CCleaner Network checks for certain conditions, and the times before timeout:

  • Endpoint status refresh
    • Refresh hosts status everyHow often CCleaner Network will refresh the status of Endpoints in this Network. "Status" refers to whether or not the Endpoint is online, whether the Endpoint Agent is active, and which version the Endpoint Agent is running.
    • Max number of concurrent refreshesHow many refresh operations (i.e. how many Endpoints are being queried) can occur at the same time.
  • Network communication
    • Retrieve Analysis/Clean status everyHow often CCleaner Network will retrieve the Endpoints' health calculation.
    • TimeoutHow long CCleaner Network will wait after querying an Endpoint regarding its health without a response before moving on to the next Endpoint.
    • Address detection timeoutHow long CCleaner Network will wait after attempting to detect an Endpoint by host name or IP address (see below) without a response before moving on to the next Endpoint.
    • Concurrent Endpoint Agent installs - How many simultaneous attempts to install the CCleaner Network Endpoint Agent the software will attempt to make at one time
  • Network Scanning
    • Microsoft NetBIOS servicethis method uses NetBIOS to locate and query hosts. You can find out more here.
    • Piriform Agent service - once you have deployed Endpoint Agents, this method will send a query to them when it scans the Network
    • Active Directory servicethis method uses Active Directory (if supported by the network) to locate and query hosts. You can find out more here.
    • Default address methodBy default CCleaner Network uses either the host name or IP address to scan Endpoints. You can specify which one it uses in this drop-down box.

Note: For the vast majority of installations, the default frequency/time settings should not need to be changed.

Connection tab

Here you can specify whether the Management Console will connect to the Internet directly, or via a proxy server.

The Manual proxy configuration options will allow you to provide the necessary details such as Address and Port to connect to your proxy server. 

Note: If you use a proxy server, you may have to activate licensing manually.

Advanced tab

You can change the Management Service password by typing the existing password, then typing the new password twice. You can also change the Management Service password in the service configuration application.

Debug tab

This tab enables you to create a log file for all Network hosts. Select one or more of the items you want to appear in the log file:

  1. Select one or more of the check boxes to choose which information you want in the Network profile.
    1. Ping all hosts – this will return a list of ping times by Endpoint.
    2. Ipconfig /all – this will return a list of TCP/IP configuration for all adapters on all Endpoints. Adapters can represent physical interfaces, such as installed Network adapters, or logical interfaces, such as dial-up connections.
    3. Tracert – this will return a list of tracing routes to for all Endpoints, as well as timing information.
  2. Select Create Network Profile.

The result is a text file called temp_ping.CCN.log which by default is stored in:

C:\ProgramData\Piriform\CCleaner Network\Management Console\Logs


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