Diagnosing Problems using CCleaner Network

You can use CCleaner Network to remotely diagnose and fix issues.

Even if you cannot immediately resolve the problem within CCleaner Network, running its diagnostics is a good way to eliminate possiblities and narrow down causes.


You may receive emails from users or management saying that their PCs are slow to run, crash often, or are slow to boot. Or, they may be receiving a low disk space message:

CCleaner Network - Low Disk Space

Or, you may receive formal support incidents from employees.

Lastly, you may hear about problems by word-of-mouth.

Suggested Approaches:

First, determine whether the problem appears to be an individual endpoint, isolated to a group, or widespread across a network. You can run an analysis to check endpoint, group, and network health.

Alternatively, you can run a report to produce data that you can further manipulate in Excel or other programs.

As always, unless you know for sure that the problem is isolated, start at the network level, then work down to groups and finally individual endpoints.


You should weigh any audit results or reports against typical patterns in your organization. It may be quite common for development or media endpoints, for example, to be extremely fragmented - but it may be much less so for a lightly-used reception endpoint.

Another factor to consider is whether the problem may be more perception than anything else. Someone who has two crashes in a row after months of trouble-free computing may suddenly feel that their PC is in trouble, but it may also be an unfortunate coincidence.

Lastly, use CCleaner Network's audits as part of your administration toolkit. Reported issues may also be a result of underpowered PCs, Network problems, or other concerns outside the scope of CCleaner Network.


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