Cleaning the Registry in CCleaner Network

Cleaning the Registry for a network, group, or endpoint:

  1. Run the audit procedure described in this topic.
  2. Change any settings you want on the Registry tab in the right pane (see below).
  3. Select Fix Registry Issues in the right pane. For networks and groups, you will be prompted to confirm the procedure.



Registry Cleaning Rules:

You can specify which Registry items CCleaner cleans or leaves alone for a Group or an Endpoint using the check boxes on the Registry tab:

  • ActiveX and Class Issues - Removes invalid entries for COM/ActiveX object that refer to a non-existing files.
  • Application Paths - Removes entries for registered application paths that no longer exist.
  • Applications - Removes invalid entries for non-existent programs.
  • Fonts - Removes invalid entries for fonts that no longer exist in the Windows Fonts folder.
  • Help Files - Removes entries referring to help files that no longer exist.
  • Installer - Removes unnecessary uninstallers or the remnants of left over uninstallations.
  • Missing Shared DLLs - Removes entries for libraries which are shared by multiple programs but no longer exist.
  • MUI Cache - Removes invalid entries from a cache of recently run programs.
  • Obsolete Software - Removes entries for applications that are no longer installed.
  • Run At Startup - Removes entries for Startup applications that no longer exist.
  • Start Menu Ordering - Removes entries for Start menu application that no longer exist.
  • Type Libraries - Removes invalid entries for type libraries that refer to non-existing files.
  • Unused File Extensions - Removes entries for file extensions that are no longer associated with applications.

Restoring Registry entries:

CCleaner Network backs up the Registry entries it removes from each Endpoint in .REG Registry files.

  1. Log on to the endpoint as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Backups folder:
    • C:\Program Files\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent\Backups OR 
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Endpoint Agent\Backups (64-bit)
  3. Double-click the .REG file you want to restore, or right-click the file and click Merge.
  4. You are prompted to confirm the operation. Select Yes.

Note: CCleaner Network only backs up registry entries from the last 5 cleans.


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