Select files and folders to clean with CCleaner for Windows

This page walks you through how to add specific types of files and folders to Custom Clean and how to include files and folders via Options > Include in CCleaner. If you only want the instructions for this CCleaner feature, start reading from the section further below with the title The easiest way to include files you want to clean.

What is Custom Clean?

Custom Clean is a function within CCleaner that allows you to customize how the app cleans different parts of your PC, such as your operating system and applications (like web browsers).

Adding files with the Custom Files and Folders checkbox:

Select the Custom Files and Folders checkbox in the Custom Clean (see screenshot). Do this if you want to make any of the items you add to the list in Options > Include to apply when you use Custom Clean.

Note: The same checkbox (shown in the screenshot) is selected automatically when you add a new file or folder.


CCleaner Professional, Custom Clean, Windows window, Advanced settings, Custom Files and Folders selected.


The easiest way to include files you want to clean:

Select the checkbox in Custom Clean under the Windows tab. Then, go to Options > Include to create a custom list of additional files, folders, and file types that you want CCleaner to look at. You can add as many files and folders as necessary by repeating the following process.

Include files or folders in the Custom Clean process:

  1. In CCleaner, click the Options icon at left.
  2. Click the Include button.
  3. Add a new include statement by clicking Add.
  4. Work with the Include dialog box as follows:

CCleaner Professional, Options, Include, Add window

Using the Include Window:




To choose a drive or folder to include, select Drive or Folder, click Browse, and then click the folder or drive.

To choose a file to include, select File, click Browse, and then click the file. You can only add one file at a time.

File Types

This selection is only relevant when you have selected Drive or Folder

By default, CCleaner will include all files in the selected drive or folder. You can choose to include only files of a certain type. To do so, click File Types: and type one or more file extensions. For example,

  • *.doc to include all .DOC files
  • *.exe;*.bat to include all .EXE and .BAT files


This selection is only relevant when you have selected Drive or Folder and have selected a folder. If you select Include files only, CCleaner will only delete files located in the folder you have included. Selecting Include files and subfolders will cause CCleaner to search all subfolders within the selected folder for the files to be deleted. Finally, if the ‘Include files, subfolders, and the folder itself’ option are selected, CCleaner will first delete all the files that match the criteria, just like in the previous option, and after that will delete every empty folder within the included one.

Note: If you are working with CCleaner's INI files, you have access to the same functionality.

Note: These Include options also apply to Smart Cleaning and scheduled scans, but do not apply to Health Check.

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