Custom Clean's analysis and results function

Here, we go through what Custom Clean's analysis and results function is, how it works, and how to use it. If you want to skip directly to how to use it, go to How to use the analysis screen or results screen further below. 

What is the analysis and results function? 

1. Where you can find it:

If you open the CCleaner app and go to Custom Clean, you're presented with two options: Analyze or Run Cleaner. Choosing one of these options either displays a pre-cleaning file analysis screen (if you click Analyze) or a post-cleaning results screen (if you click Run Cleaner). See the analysis screen in the screenshot below.

2. What these screens are for and how they work:

Custom Clean's analysis and results screens are designed to help give you more understanding and control over the specific files that CCleaner cleans on your computer (just like Custom Clean itself) and it works differently from Health Check. CCleaner displays your computer files on either of these Custom Clean screens based on three things: the applications they have come from, the number of files found, and the size of these files. You can also side-click on listed files on either of the screens we mentioned to sort the list by size, search for particular files, or export the list to a text file. Skip to the final section at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to do some of these things. 

What is Custom Clean?

Custom Clean is a function within CCleaner that allows you to customize how the app cleans different parts of your PC, such as your operating system and applications (like web browsers).

CCleaner Professional, Custom Clean, summary results pane

How to use the analysis screen or results screen: 

  • To sort the list, right-click anywhere in the screen, click Sort By, and then click Tree order, File size, or File count. Tree order organizes the results via the categories listed beneath the Windows and Applications tabs to the left of the results window. File count sorts the results by the category with the largest amount of files (to the smallest amount).
  • To save the list to a text file, right-click anywhere on the screen, and then click Save to text file.
  • To see all files in a specific app or category (such as Microsoft Edge - Cookies), right-click that app or category, and then click View all files. This will take you to the Detailed results screen.
  • To view how much time it took CCleaner to analyze or clean a specific app or category, right-click anywhere in the analysis or results screen, and then click Show time taken. This also adds a Time taken entry to the Sort by options when you right-click the same list again.

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