Using Groups in CCleaner Network

You can organize endpoints in groups in the Network Tree for display or functional purposes.

Note: If you are using Active Directory, you cannot manually specify groups, as the Group structure mirrors your Organizational Units.

Adding a new Group:

  1. In the Network Tree, right-click a network, and select Add Group.
  2. In the Add a new group dialog box, type a name for the group, and then select OK.

Moving a single Endpoint to a different Group

  • In the Management Console's network tree, right-click an endpoint, point to Move to group, and then select the name of the group.

Moving multiple Endpoints to a different group

  1. In the Network Tree, select a group.
  2. In the Group Summary Panel (right hand side), select one or more endpoints in the Summary box.
  3. Right-click the selection, point to Move to group, and then select the destination group.

You can also create a temporary group from a list of report results. For example, if you run a report listing Endpoint Agents requiring updating, you can create a temporary group of those Endpoints so that you can easily update their Agents.


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